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Cognition offers us the ability to think, learn, respond and recall. A healthy cognition enables us to efficiently receive, understand, store, retrieve and use information, ensuring a more fulfilled, productive and independent life.
Creativity is the use of ones imagination to create something new, original, different from before. Creativity is within all of us, so too is Cognition which can be trained to function effectively at any stage of a persons life. It is never too late to start over, look at things differently or reach the goals you wish to set.

Cognivity was formed in 2009 as a practice working along side people aiming for new goals, new challenges and new directions in their health, education and business.
In March 2015 Cognivity became a Community Interest Company and is now a slightly bigger organisation welcoming a range of people who assist in delivering workshops, teaching, creating and coaching, all of whom share in the values of promoting Creativity and Wellness

So, whether you are
A student or potential student wishing to improve, prioritise or focus with one to one coaching or mentoring
Someone who is presently lacking direction and would like some time to consider ways forward
In a place or position at work that you wish to move on from and would like help clarifying a direct route
Have an important challenge to face and would like support
A team or organisation that is stuck and or wants to inject new creative ideas for growth
Read through the sections on Coaching, Mentoring and Training or give me a call on 07742312828 and I will be pleased to chat about options.

As a qualified business coach, mentor and teacher my works combines industrial, managerial and educational expertise to deliver a range of coaching and training programs, workshops and courses.
I use Action Learning and Occupational Psychometric Testing amongst other learning, business and development tools to help clients achieve their aims.

“As Quality Control manager for a large buying office in Hong Kong / China Eileen strived hard demonstrating resilience and tenacity in her pursuit to create transparency not only within the quality department, but even more so with the hundreds of suppliers. The end result was much better relationships with those suppliers and a substantially higher level of satisfaction with customers”
Koert Tulleners
Chief Executive officer Freemans & Grattan
Formerly, Managing Director Otto International Asia